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As of April 2016, the Spanish motor yachts builder Rodman, one of the European leaders in shipbuilding, has appointed our shipyard, as its exclusive dealer for their leisure brand in Switzerland. With this Agreement, Rodman is aiming to consolidate its representation in the North of Europe. We are very happy that we were chosen by Rodman known not only for the amazing range of shipbuilding knowledge but also representing a very high standard in quality.

We will aim to do all our possible to show the Swiss public their exceptional array of leisure boats while offering our clients detailed guidance and ongoing customer service.

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you about all different models available.

Rodman 890 Ventura (pdf)

Rodman Spirit (pdf)

Rodman Fisher & Cruiser (pdf)

Rodman Muse (pdf)


Please vistit the following site for more information:

Rodman boats


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